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Zinc chloride Fire-fighting measures
Suitable extinguishing agents: Available mist of water, carbon dioxide, foam.
Specific hazards arising from the chemical: Not combustible. No significant fire hazard. Acid reacts with the metal to produce a highly flammable and explosive hydrogen gas.
Special protective actions for fire-fighters: Wear full protective clothing and wear respiratory equipment. Take all possible measures to prevent spillage from entering sewers or waterways. Use suitable for extinguishing surrounding environment program. Do not close the container may be hot. From the protective position spray to cool fire exposed containers. If safe to do so, remove containers from the fire.
VI. Accidental Release Measures
Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures: Remove all sources of ignition. Immediately clean up any spilled materials. Prevent contact with skin and eyes. Use protective equipment to control the personal contact.
Environmental precautions: take all possible measures to prevent leakage into sewers or waterways.
Containment and cleaning methods and materials: Collect spillage with sand, earth or vermiculite. Collecting recyclable products to have labels affixed to the container for recycling. The residue was subjected to and / decontamination. The solid residue was collected, sealed in a barrel labeled for disposal. Rinse leakage area, to prevent the waste into the sewer.

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