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Ji Tian Zinc - zinc chloride production process
Tian Zinc - zinc chloride production process
Zinc chloride (ZnC12), white rod, granular or powdery crystals, density of 2.91 g / cm3, melting point 283 ??, boiling point 723 ??, tasteless, deliquescence, able to absorb moisture from the air and dissolves.
    Zinc chloride is soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution; soluble in methanol, ethanol, propanol, ether and other oxygen-containing organic solvent; and dissolved in pyridine, aniline and other nitrogen-containing solvents; also has the characteristics of dissolved metal oxide fibers; insoluble in liquid ammonia. The molten zinc chloride has good electrical conductivity. Zinc chloride is toxic, highly corrosive, should be sealed storage.
    Industrial products are used zinc chloride batteries as the electrolyte, the production of activated carbon activator, polyacrylonitrile used as solvents and organic synthesis of dehydrating agent in organic industry, a condensing agent, the oil industry as a cleaning agent, was used as the dye industry color stabilizers, reactive dyes and cationic dyes production, printing and dyeing industry as a mordant, mercerizing agent, sizing agent. In addition, for paper, wood preservation, medicine, textile, electric welding, electroplating, paint and other industrial sectors.
    Zinc production process as shown below.
    At present, most of the production of zinc chloride zinc dross, zinc dust, zinc casting slag, there is also zinc or zinc oxide (containing Zn0 90%) for raw materials, simple process, good product quality. However, with the development of industry, zinc and zinc oxide in short supply. Thus looking for ways to expand the zinc industry. China is rich in resources, calamine, urgent need of development. Utilization calamine direct production of zinc chloride is one way to develop zinc industry.
    Key calamine zinc chloride produced ore with high content of impurities that Hebei Tin Zin

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