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About Us

Startup Malta
Startup Malta is the meeting place for Malta based business leaders and investors who seek to meet and help startup entrepreneurs in pre-seed, seed or early stage organisations by providing finance as well as technical and commercial mentoring. Startup Malta seek out new ideas markets and partners, to help build new teams and new networks, to help transform great ideas into transformational products, to build and grow value in startup companies and to present commercially sustainable opportunities for investment, exit and sale. Startup Malta provide practical access to valuable and rewarding investment opportunities in European startup companies on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Startup Malta is the meeting location for legal, marketing, business, banking, finance and investment services through its professional network. Join now. Click the Join In link above and tell us what you want from Startup Malta. All it takes is an email address and we never spam.
Great investment opportunities and for startup entrepreneurs there are NO pitch fees and NO deal fees at Startup Malta. Whilst the team at Startup Malta have made every effort to seek complete accuracy of the data contained herein, no information on this site is or should be construed to be financial or investment advice. Startup Malta accept no liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions. By using the Startup Malta website you agree to our terms of services.


We partner with great founders who have the capability to visualise, develop and deliver great solutions to real problems.


We manage Startup Malta: a Malta-based angel network understanding and specialising in Maltese investment opportunities.


We help to get your startup seen and known in Malta's investment community and get your business up and running in Malta.


We facilitate and provide the ideal way to connect investment professionals with great startup investments inside Malta.

✠ About Malta


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Startup Malta

✠ Why Malta?

Stable Eurozone economy, safe business environment, friendly taxation & business ownership regulation, a European location strategically connecting Northern Europe & the US to the growth economies of Asia, Middle East & North Africa. For startup companies Malta offers a history of small enterprise, a vibrant location with a workforce of young naturally English-speaking graduates. For potential investors Malta offers opportunity including Investment Tax Credits & Micro Investment benefits unrivalled in the region. Contact Startup Malta to learn more.

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Generate, Develop, Change, Refine & Innovate to formulate the unique proposition for your startup.


Learn how to formulate (& practise) the bite-sized communications to appeal to an investor.


Lean is OK if you can bootstrap your idea but we show you where to get CASH when your idea needs it.


Company formation, directorships, patents, partnerships, employment law, IP & commercial contracts.


Below are the Startups that we are proud to work with



Crowdfunding Malta
Crowdfunding is a genuine alternative for entrepreneurs in Malta to show & promote their organisation to new potential funding sources and to secure funding for their ideas and plans, today. But with 000s of crowdfunding platforms on the web, many different types that suit one idea and not another, it is a significant task to wade through them all and to know which to choose for your plans. With limited sources of finance from angels and venture capital investors on the island of Malta, businesses are turning to crowdfunding sources instead. On the island of Malta, there is one crowdfunding website and across the web there are many many more too! All these have subtly different models and subtly different advantages.

Startup Malta are ready to help European startup companies to get crowdfunded, now. Click the Join In link above and we will start the conversation and get your venture crowdfunded. We like to remind potential investors that a crowdfunding investment is a high risk investment with minimal security but with potentially very high return and other very appealing opportunities. This investment however should be balanced with lower risk investments that are grounded in more conventional physical or tangible assets as part of any overall portfolio.


We provide data about crowdfunding sources: the types of crowdfunding investment models including Donation, philanthropic, Startup Equity, Partnership, Reward & Product pre-order based crowdfunding.


Political lobbying, training of crowdfunding providers and partners, on-island promotion of the benefits of crowdfunding, as well as industry wide communication of Malta as a source of crowdfunding for new businesses to begin, develop and prosper.


We want all European startup companies to be successful with their crowdfunding proposition. Howevert we also want to make sure the crowdfunding investor has the right information too.


Successful entrepreneurs learn most from their failures and swiftly adjust their model pivoting towards the most suitable alternatives. This is one of the benfits of crowdfunding as it allows the startup to test their approach and the level of public interest in their product or idea.

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